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About group use

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4 key advantages

It can be difficult to prepare the equipment
and buy ingredients for a barbecue…

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With a plan that includes all equipment and ingredients, you can have a BBQ without having to bring your own! You are also allowed to bring your own alcoholic drinks and ingredients!


I want to have fun on my own
without worrying about other customers in a large group!

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We also accept inquiries such as "I want to eat in the same dining space even if I stay in multiple tents" or "I want to rent it out for a large group."
Groups divided into two rooms can eat together, and the spacious dining space can accommodate up to 50 people!


If it suddenly starts raining, I wonder if we won't be able to have a barbecue...

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There is a sunshade and rain shelter space, so you don't have to worry about rainy days!


I became an event organizer, but I don't have the confidence to plan an event...

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We will support you in planning, including consultation on tour content!

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Use cases

Photo of women enjoying roasted marshmallows

Recreation for large groups

Please use it for various group events. BBQ has everything from ingredients to equipment, so there is no need for troublesome preparations.
You can also enjoy a campfire after the BBQ.

Grandhome Ise Kashijima

Corporate training/study trips

Please use it as a venue for corporate training or school training trips.
There are 15 tent sites that can accommodate up to 50 people.