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Marine Activities
Snorkeling & Set Plan

Snorkeling school for beginners in the bay. There are both standalone snorkeling schools and combined schools that include SUP and kayak experiences.

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July - August
Regular holiday
Rainy Weather Handling Cancelled in inclement weather
Target age
Families, couples, and small groups (9 years old and older)
Adult: 5,500 yen, Child: 4,000 yen
SUP & Snorkeling Set Plan 2 hours Adult: 8,000 yen, Child: 6,500 yen
Kayak & Snorkeling Set Plan 2 hours Adult: 8,000 yen, Child: 6,500 yen
*Child is elementary school student or younger.
*Includes snorkeling equipment rental fee(underwater glasses, snorkel, and fins).
Opening Hours
1.5 - 2 hours
Jiro Rokuro Beach
Attire/Items to Bring

Swimwear, change of clothes, rash guard, towel, drink (Please wear athletic shoes when SUP is combined with kayaking. Sandals and flip-flops are not allowed. Rental shoes available for 300 yen)

*Please use soft contact lenses if you use glasses.

*We recommend wearing a long-sleeved, high-necked rash guard, leggings, and socks to protect against jellyfish.

*For safety reasons, life jackets are required.

*This is a beginner-friendly experience school.

*The bay is not suitable for observing a wide variety of marine life.
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