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Sea kayaking

Marine Activities
Sea kayaking in Ago Bay

Take a kayak in Ago Bay, a calm bay where pearls grow in Ise-Shima National Park, and enjoy a cruise around the various islands. A guide will accompany you, so even beginners will feel safe. Before toiuring, you will be taken the on-board training.

2-100 people, please consult with us for groups (20 people or more).
Location Around the central part of Ago Bay
In case of rain Canceled in case of strong wind, rain, thunderstorms, etc.
Attire/Items to Bring
[Summer]Wearing clothes that can get wet, athletic shoes, hat, towel, change of clothes, and drink are required.(Shoes do not have to be water shoes, but sandals and crocs are prohibited to prevent injury.)
[Winter]Thermal clothing, windbreaker, winter hat, boots, and drink (a windproof jacket over a fleece or sweater and rain pants are ideal).
*Water shoes and boots can be rented for 300 yen (Quantities are limited).
*Swimming is allowed during breaks in the summer season. (Please wear a life jacket and keep your shoes on.)

※The images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

All year round (can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons)
Target age
Families, couples, small groups, groups Ages 3 and up (please note that toddlers and younger children may have difficulty maneuvering the paddles due to their physique)
Dogs are welcome to ride with, but only medium-sized dogs (18 kg or less) are allowed (2,000 yen per dog).
*Please keep your dog on a leash while kayaking.
1.5 hour course Adult 4,500 yen Child 3,500 yen 3-hour course Adult 6,500 yen Child 5,000 yen Sunset kayak 1.5 hour course Adult 5,000 yen Child 4,000 yen
*Children are elementary school students and younger (including infants)
Opening Hours
1.5 hours course: about 3 km
This course offers a casual kayaking experience! Beginners, children, elderly, and couples, anyone can enjoy this course.
3 hours course: about 7 km (suitable for adults, repeaters, and couples! )
We will land on an island and take a break along the way.
This course is not too difficult for beginners!
For those who want to take their time kayaking and enjoy the scenery of Ago Bay, this is the best course!
Sunset Kayak 1.5 hours course (The sunset you can't experience on's a must!)
*Children under junior high school age are not allowed to participate alone (must be accompanied by a guardian).

*Kayaks are for two people which are stable. (In the case of an odd number of participants, a staff member will ride with)

*If your child is younger than a school age, you can use an auxiliary seat to accommodate three passengers.

*Ideally, quick-drying synthetic fiber upper and lower clothing is recommended.

*When getting on and off the boat, you will be knee-deep in the water, so feet and footwear must be dry.*

*When paddling, splash may get your sleeves, arms, knees, etc. wet.

*Footwear that exposes skin, such as sandals, is prohibited as you may cut your feet on the oyster shells and rocks.

*Please change your clothes and use the restroom before the meeting time.

*Dogs weighing 18 kg or less are allowed to ride with. (If you have a life jacket for dogs, please bring it.)

*We will consult about plans that include meals and combinations with other programs for group tours.

*The departure times are fixed for consecutive holidays and summer vacation, so be sure to arrive at the designated time.

*Please wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun during the summer.

*Some muscle soreness may remain due to the paddle operation.

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